GUNLOCKE FURNITURE TIA COLLECTION:At a time when technology dominates a large portion of our lives, Tia is an exploration in simplicity and the heart & soul of woodworking. My task was to create a “simple wood chair” with an elegant, but unique personality, not unlike Coco Chanel’s “Little Black Dress”. This process became an exercise in subtle and restrained design moves. I wanted to establish a conversation between the seating form and the wooden frame. By creating a seat and back which has one single shape that flows from the top, down on to the seat, then rolls over the front edge and moves continuously back to the top, a line of simplicity is created. This continuous seating form is then cradled and embraced into the wooden frame. The surprise element is the way in which the wood frame is carved-out on the back to meet the seating form, creating a beautiful silhouette and the perfect embrace.