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SLIDE: With all the changes that come with a digitally connected age, we no longer only work at a desk. We group, collaborate and interact, then move on to focus-work and back. We need to consider what type of environments can be most productive? We also need to ask: What makes an office an office? What is privacy? How can furniture and fixtures address the changing needs of how and where we sit and work? Our challenge is to understand the complexities of these environments and to provide a diverse range of products, which will contribute to a new “Flexibility, Functionality, Purpose and Productivity”. The Cumberland “Slide” collection has a wide range of elements which address these new multi-purpose opportunities. These are furniture components that are: mobile, can be grouped and re-grouped and assist in defining space, place and activity. These designs are a result of understanding the complexities of our new work environment. The Slide collection provides a diverse range of products, which address a variety of spatial needs from lounge to sofa, from table to stool, to bench. “Slide” offers a flexible way of configuring and reconfiguring where and how we work, collaborate and relax. Issues of comfort, support and range of motion have all been elements of focus, while defining this collection.