Altwork: is a team of experienced technology professionals, long-time friends and family who’ve worked on everything from building the world’s fastest recumbent bicycle, to security software used by the US Government, to Burning Man art cars. We’ve created and built successful companies, winning multiple patents in the process. Basically, we like tough challenges with a healthy helpings of fun, family and the occasional Zinfandel.

Over five years ago, one of our founders realized how much more productive and comfortable he was when he worked in a reclining position. This also allowed him more flexibility with the position of his keyboard and screen. This sparked an idea that grew and grew through many great conversations and sketches.

Then things got really interesting. After many prototypes, late nights, and $1M of angel and founder investment, we proudly present the Altwork Station—the first workstation ever that allows your computer to move with your body, instead of forcing your body to conform to the physical limitations of your computer.
The Altwork Station is an all-in-one solution that moves with you. Press a button to use your computer while sitting, standing, collaborating or in a reclined focus position—including a zero gravity option with the monitor above. For decades, sitting at work was standard; with Altwork, any position can be standard. You choose.
Our goal is to empower high-intensity computer users to be more productive and creative through greater workplace comfort and health. We know a workstation won’t put a human on mars, stop climate change, or cure cancer—but it’s our hope that we can provide a tool that will help the people accomplishing world-changing feats to get there faster by making them more productive and comfortable in their work.

We believe it’s time to move beyond obsolete tables and chairs that constrain our creativity and diminish our health.
We believe it’s time computers adapt to us, instead of challenging our bodies to adapt to them.
We believe it’s time for a new way to work.